Cellulose Lab is a Canadian company dedicated to nano cellulose products, including CNC (cellulose nanocrystal) or NCC (nanocrystalline cellulose), CNF (cellulose nanofibril) or NFC (nanofibrilated cellulose) or MFC (micro fibrillated cellulose), and BC (bacterial cellulose, biocellulose) for research laboratories, institutions, and industries.

Cellulose Lab is proud to supply the most diversified nano/micro cellulose products in the market. In addition to our regular products, we also provide special types of cellulose products (such as specific charge density, solid content, materials, and etc.) according to customers’ requests. We have collaborated with several top universities and research centers, on both long and short-term projects, providing timely service, and delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Based in Canada, Cellulose Lab operates primarily from locations across North America and East Asia and provides sales and technical consulting services anywhere in the world.

For more technical or sale information, please send an email to contact@celluloselab.com.